Diana Doernberg's Velva Cattery

Diana Doernberg began Velva Cattery in 1966. Over the years, it has produced many of CFA’s top winners, with Velva cats earning numerous National and Regional awards. Velva Russian Blues are registered exclusively with CFA.

Velva kittens are prized for their lineage and cherished for their warm and friendly demeanor. Reserve your Velva kitten today.

Our newest Grand Champion,
Velva’s Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot

Diana has been a CFA licensed, International Allbreed Cat Judge for more than 30 years. She served the Cat Fanciers Association for six years as Vice President, as an elected member of its Board of Directors for six years, and for many of those years as Chairperson of CFA’s Breeds and Standards Committee.

Velva Cattery is located in Akron, Ohio. Diana can be reached via email at ddoernberg@aol.com.